Getting started

Install ButterFaces as maven dependency

ButterFaces is accessible by maven central repository. Add following dependency to use components for each JSF implementation (i.e. MyFaces)


In pre 2.0.0 versions of ButterFaces some components are only supported by mojarra. In this case use following dependency


Install ButterFaces by yourself

You can clone git repository and install maven plugin by yourself using console
maven install

Using ButterFaces

Add to your <html .../> and use <!DOCTYPE html> to activate html 5 features.

HINT with version 2.0.0 web.xml parameters has been renamed from de.larmic.butterfaces.x to org.butterfaces.x

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en"
    <b:text id="test" ... />

That's all!

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